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Each Rat NFT gives the owner:

  • 💥 First exclusive access to Rare City to all 2,222 owners for 7 days where owners can earn tokens through bug bounties and other exclusive gamification features.
  • 🔥 WL spot to get their hands on the limited 500 next gen web 4.0 Metapolis XR domes (valued at $5k - $10k). Build your own building/business on your PC or laptop and share the link for anyone to take it with them on their mobile phone. Open your building in the Metaverse and walk in from the physical world to your building in Rare City
  • 🔑 FND XR domes can be customized and rented by the owners giving the owner their very own business whether that be a shop, gallery or anything.
  • 🐭 Each NFT is 3D animated ready to become your premium avatar in Rare City.
  • 🏆 Owners get first access to charity events, private gallery events, first glimpse of startups and many more WL opportunities.
  • 🎨 Each NFT gives the owner a second Rare City avatar with exclusive access to turn yourself into avatar from a biometrics scan.
  • 🎁 2 lucky Rare Rats will win an all expenses paid trip to Dubai for the Rare City launch event in December 2022
  • 🤞 Find 1 of the 50 Elite Rats to win 10% of the accumulated pot up to 33 ETH!
  • 🤩 There will only ever be 2,222 Rare Rats